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Pantheon Web Suite


The Pantheon Web Suite (PWS) is a collection of web applications that will level up your digital transformation. Powered by the Pantheon Unified Framework, PWS meets or exceeds DoD cyber-security requirements while providing a suite a of Web Modules that adapt to our clients' needs. 

Digital Transformation

  • Modern cloud-based data collection provides real-time updates on financial data.

  • Train the Workforce to identify additional data collection opportunity to drive better decision making.

  • Seamlessly integrate data from other systems and input directly from users located anywhere in the world.

  • Experienced Data, Financial, and Contract Consultants providing unique insights, recommendations, and capabilities.


Security is at the heart of PWS's design:

  • PWS operates on the DoD-approved Microsoft Azure GovCloud.

  • End-to-End Encryption. All data and traffic are encrypted in transit and at rest.

  • Access control. PWS Follows DoD and NIST Access Control Standards.

  • Auditability. PWS provides detailed auditing logs that meet or exceed DoD and NIST standards.


  • Segregate data by program, company, and individuals protecting data privacy.

  • Enable program managers to automate data drills and wargame scenarios.

  • Eliminate human error and lag time from manually collecting data and creating dashboards.

  • Empower Consultants with timely and accurate information for proactive data driven decision-making recommendations and deep dive studies.

Pantheon Unified Framework

The Pantheon Unified Framework (PUF) is the backbone of the Pantheon Web Suite. Designed with a security first mentality, the PUF provides granular access controls using Pantheon's proprietary license management architecture. The PUF's unique design allows for cross-interaction between your modules while keeping it segregated from others. With a plug and play capability, the PUF allows the Pantheon team to rapidly build new features and modules and connect them into PWS.

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