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Cost Estimating

Pantheon associates possess the knowledge, tools, and techniques to provide comprehensive support in analyzing likely cost impacts and associated risk of changes in a program’s schedule, capability requirements, and/or acquisition strategy to proactively drive data-driven solutions.

Market Analysis

Our team’s extensive experience in acquisition coupled with Pantheon’s thorough process support converting capability requirements into defensible budgetary requirements. We place great emphasis on the functionality and data visualization of our models to empower our customers to effectively support budget estimates to outside stakeholders as well as support quick-turnaround fire drill simulations.

We work closely with our customers to collect historical data and to understand its qualitative aspects. Our team builds relational databases that it leverages to support its historical analysis, develop cost estimating relationships, and construct sophisticated quantitative models to independently and objectively predict the future cost of an item, product, or program.

Pantheon provides the following Cost Estimating services/deliverables:


  • Establishing a defensible budget position for a program

  • Incorporate risk and uncertainty into cost estimates and budgets

  • Form and document cost estimating relationships (CERs)

  • Support Program Objective Memorandum (POM) issue papers by identifying quantifiable impacts

  • Program Life Cycle Cost Estimate (PLCCE)

  • Independent Cost Estimate (ICE)

  • Independent Cost Assessment (ICA)

  • Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA)

  • Analysis of Alternatives (AoA)

  • Will-Cost/Should-Cost Analysis

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