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Often faced with increased requirements, shrinking budgets, and consolidation with the second- and the third-tier suppliers, Pantheon works with its Government customers to support efforts to understand the current health of critical sub-tier vendors.  Pantheon takes a holistic approach to this analysis, including a review of current capacity constraints, future capacity constraints, workforce demographics, chokepoints, corporate succession planning, and business health. Ultimately, Pantheon supports (1) assessing the ability of sub-tier vendors to meet current and future demand signals, (2) evaluating the risk profile at a micro- and macro-level, and (3) developing risk mitigation strategies.


Pantheon maintains a Supplier Base Team experienced in review and analysis of proposals made to the Government. Each proposal is reviewed in detail, including a fact-finding visit. The team is experienced in a variety of proposal related analysis including Truth In Negotiations Act (TINA) requirements, commercial items, and overhead rates reviews. Pantheon generates a customized dynamic pricing model for each proposal that allows the customer to update and change the position as needed, which allows for quick updates in a negotiations situation. Pantheon also has extensive experience in supporting clients during contract negotiations.


Pantheon provides the following Supplier Base Management services/deliverables:

  • Supplier dashboards

  • Identification of schedule risks

  • Analysis of vendor proposals with reports and dynamic pricing models

  • Support government/contractor negotiations

  • Analysis of vendor overhead rates


Pantheon’s associates assess the customer’s supplier base health and analyze sub-tier proposals to develop defensible, recommended Government positions.

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Supplier Base Management

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