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Strategy + Clarity

Effective decisions consider the big picture. Data allows decisions to be more informed than ever before. With industry expertise and experience, Pantheon is able to distill data into a concise strategy

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Our professionals are subject matter experts in integrated program management across a wide range of acquisition disciplines. By applying the power of analytics and cutting-edge Business Intelligence (BI) tools and strategies to customer/industry data, we shed light on root causes, identify trends and anomalies, build predictive models, and facilitate cost savings initiatives across our Government professional services, mission critical construction management services, and innovative software solutions. . Pantheon provides integrated services coupled with tailored propriety software solutions to empower our customers to optimize their business solutions and increase the likelihood of programmatic success. 


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Cost Estimating

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Earned Value Management

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Supplier Base Management
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Financial Management
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Data Science


Pantheon Integrated Solutions, Inc. (Pantheon) commenced operations in 2016 as a small business and was founded on the belief that better tools and information—not more data—were needed to assist program managers improve acquisition. 

Initially dedicated to supporting Navy acquisition and construction programs, Pantheon has incorporated its members’ subject matter expertise in acquisition into developing new data-driven tools and techniques that help program managers successfully execute their operation on time and within budget. Pantheon’s approach has allowed our clients to enhance their positioning for contract negotiations and their management oversight of the lower-tier supplier base. 

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