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PM Financial Management

The PM Financial Management module allows for integration with NEPS planning and budgeting data, which provides for Task planning and reviews at the individual task level. This module brings in additional data beyond just financials to allow for the deconfliction of redundant spending, understanding deliverables, and tracking sub-project elements.


Dynamic Data Filters and Exports


View your data how you need with dynamic filtering:

  • Appropriation Type

  • Effort

  • Performer

Export your data in the format you need:

  • Microsoft PowerPoint

  • PDF

  • Spreadsheet


Quick Summaries


View summaries of your data by:

  • Appropriation

  • Effort

  • Performer

  • Combined

  • Unfunded Tasks

Task Details

Quickly view Task and Subtask details including:

  • Task/Subtask Summary

  • Task/Subtask Statements of Work

  • Funding Requirements

  • Development Plans

  • Impact if Unfunded

  • Milestones


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