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Execution Phasing


The Execution Phasing Module accelerates decision making by providing real-time status reports of performer Execution and Phasing Plans. By using a central database that ingests performer activity directly, reviews can be called as needed and decisions made quickly without having to wait days for analysts to compile the latest relevant data for the decision maker to review. 


Direct Vendor Input


  • Allow your vendors to enter their reporting directly, eliminating the need for emailing spreadsheets back and forth.

  • Operate from a single dataset with no need to aggregate data from dozens of separate spreadsheets.

  • Cloud based data collection provides real-time updates on financial data.

  • Collect additional data from performing activities through questionnaires and reports.

  • Seamlessly integrate data from ERP systems and inputted directly from users located anywhere in the world.

Historical Analysis

Identify trends in vendor reporting including:


  • Over/under budgeting.

  • Shifting spend plans.

  • Re-baselining frequency.

  • Funding disbursement requests.


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