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Multi-Program Material Procurement


The MPMP module allows Program Managers to track how the entire DoD enterprise affects their suppliers by incorporating USA Spending Data. The long-term value of centralizing spending data across multiple programs will allow an individual program office to leverage the purchasing power of the entire Department of Defense in its procurement contract negotiations.


Dynamic Data Filters and Exports


View your data how you need with dynamic filtering:

  • Program Office

  • Program Name

  • Prime Contract Number

  • Subvendor

Charts and Data tables update dynamically.

Export charts and tables for use in Briefings or Negotiations.


Vendor Deep Dive


Empower your negotiating team with detailed information on your programs' share of Government investment in a vendor.

  • Identify shared suppliers amongst program offices

  • Understand the financial health of the shared industrial base

  • Place Multi-Program Economic Quantity Orders (MP-EQO)

  • Deconflict production and delivery schedules

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