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Employee Spotlight - Kelly Cicchese

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

1. How would you describe your professional career to date?

My professional career has been split between working as a Project Manager at Electric Boat for 4 years, overseeing Life Cycle & Integrated Logistics tasking, and working with Pantheon as a Financial Analyst / Consultant for an ACAT – 1 defense weapon system. I have had the pleasure in both roles to work with and for various Navy Programs.

2. How did your prior work experiences set you up for success at Pantheon?

My Project Management experience at Electric Boat gave me programmatic and financial foundations towards understanding the complex and multifaceted layers of delivering products to the Navy on time and on budget. I was able to gain insight on Design, Engineering, Purchase of Material, and Production that is required for maintenance and modernization efforts. I worked with a variety of SMEs to accomplish these tasks, both internally and externally. Within Pantheon, this general knowledge as well as my experience with Project and Financial management aligned me with my current opportunity as a Financial Analyst and Consultant for my current customer.

3. What initially drew you to Pantheon?

As I was browsing the Pantheon Website about 2 years ago, I noticed that there were a number of core competencies listed that covered a wide range of expertise. I remember thinking for a relatively new company, there are a lot of opportunities for both professional and personal growth. On top of that, the culture within Pantheon seemed to be exactly what I had hoped – an honest emphasis on work life balance, importance of company values, and competitive benefits and compensation. I was eager to make the step from a large corporation to a more focused and personal experience that Pantheon provided.

4. How long have you been with Pantheon?

Almost 2 years – I started Dec. 2, 2020.

5. What are your favorite parts of working at Pantheon?

The opportunity to collaborate and the constant transparency between leadership / management and the Pantheon team. Communication between the team and leadership is always encouraged.

6. Are you able to apply any of your other interests to Pantheon?

Happy hours or company events with the Pantheon Team are always an exciting way to share out of work experiences with one another and turn colleagues into friends.

7. How have you seen your efforts and those of the other Pantheon associates deliver value to our Department of Navy Customers?

The Pantheon team has had abundant success, delivering and maintaining various financial tools to track planning and execution to multiple Pantheon clients. These tools provide analytic services to our clients so they are able to successfully mitigate and manage programmatic issues.

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