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Employee Spotlight - Olivia Fagan

Here at Pantheon, we have some of the smartest data-centered minds within the DoD acquisition space. We would like you to get to know them and see why they are such an asset to our team.Welcome to Pantheon’s Employee Spotlight series.

Pantheon would like to congratulate Olivia Fagan on her recent promotion from Senior Associate to Consultant. She has been one of the early members of the Pantheon family. Since the beginning she has proven to be a tremendous asset.

Olivia was originally drawn to Pantheon for its emphasis on cross-training and its entrepreneurial culture; she thought Pantheon was a good fit to strengthen her previous skillset (she came with strong soft and quantitative skills acquired through years in diplomacy, financial management, and government acquisition experience) and help her develop new competencies.

Olivia took the leap nearly three years ago and, from day one, made a significant and lasting impact on Company – from designing, developing, and deploying financial management solutions for our customers to promoting and fostering an open, driven, and fun corporate culture.

In particular, this past year, Olivia has been part of Pantheon’s team in creating dashboards that integrate financial planning data and execution data to get a holistic view while also automating and modernizing several elements of the data collection process, resulting in a comprehensive financial review, improving the data quality, and allowing for more time to analyze and strategize.

Olivia is a people’s person and this is evident when she is working collaboratively to come up with creative ways to visualize data, design a brief, or provide a solution to a customer’s request. Her attitude makes even the toughest projects fun.

In the future, Olivia hopes to build a comprehensive and systematic data infrastructure, instilling best practices to better track and manage both qualitative and quantitative data.

I and all of Pantheon are excited to see all that Olivia will accomplish and look forward to her continued contributions to #TeamPantheon! Congrats, Olivia!

Ed Walsh, CEO of Pantheon

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